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St. Catherine

St. Catherine MonasteryThe monastery of St. Catherine's, in the heart of the mountains of Sinai, is believed by Christians and Jews to be the place where God gave man the Ten Commandments. To some extent, this myth is also a part of Muslim faith.
Above the deep valley lies the mountain which has been named Mount Sinai.
St. Catherine Monastery ChurchThe monastery of St. Catherine's is built around the alleged burning bush of Moses. A delightful structure has been built over the centuries here, containing a church, monks houses, gardens, a hostel, and even a mosque. It all feels like a tiny, tiny village. Right in front of the church, is the enclosed burning bush of Moses.
The history of the church goes back to Byzantine emperor, Justinian 1, who ordered it built right here in the middle of the 6th century.
The monastery is Greek Orthodox, and there are presently 20-25 monks here, who are Greeks and originating from Mount Athos.



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