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Luxor to Dendara & Abydos

Tour itinerary:

Stylish Holidays representative will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to Abydos to start discovering the ancient Egyptian believed of god (Lord of the underworld) to be buried there.
The temple was built by King Seti I, and completed by King Ramesses II, known as temple of Seti I. It is located in Abydos city which is around 135 km from Luxor.
The paintings of the Gods and Pharaohs on the walls of the Osiris Temple at Abydos are among the most beautifully preserved in Egypt.
Then continue to Dandara to visit the Temple of Hathor, goddess of love and joy.
The whole temple complex covers some 40,000 square meters and is surrounded by a hefty mud brick enclosed wall. Dendera was a site for chapels or shrines from the beginning of history of ancient Egypt. It seems that pharaoh Pepi I (ca. 2250 BC) built on this site and evidence exists of a temple in the eighteenth dynasty (ca 1500 BC). But the earliest extant building in the compound today is the Mammisi raised by Nectanebo II – last of the native pharaohs (360-343 BC).
After that you will be transferred back to your hotel Luxor



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