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Esna: The City

Temple of Khnoum

Esna (Isna) is located about 33 miles south of Luxor. The town's Greek name was Latopolis and here fish (lates) where thought to embody the goddess Neith, who was sacred to the area. Esna was increasingly important during the 18th dynasty due to Egypt's developing relationship with the Sudan. There was a route established between Esna and Derr. Later, the city slowly declined until it received renewed interest during the 26th Dynasty.  Later, under the Greeks and Romans, it became the capital of the Third Nome of Upper Egypt.

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Khnum Temple

Khnoum TempleThe temple, which lies in a pit below the level of the houses in Isna, is dedicated to the god, Khnum.  This the ram god that was worshipped through out this area and who fashioned mankind from mud of the Nile on his potter's wheel.  He was associated with other gods, including Menhyt (his consort), Nebtu (the goddess of the countryside) and Hka (the manifestation of vital energy).

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