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Aswan: The City

Aswan West bankAswan is one of the sunniest cities in Egypt, offering a delightful beauty and a relaxed atmosphere, with a warm and dry climate. Located about 890 km south of Cairo, and 180 km south of Luxor, it has a more African ambience than any other city in Egypt. It has long been known as the “Gate of Africa”, and much of its charms come from the River Nile. Life here is slow-paced and relaxed, and its setting on the Nile is gorgeous. Boats sail by gracefully, and floating restaurants offer rhythmic Nubian music and delicious fresh fish.

The Nile in Aswan is at its best, flowing gently around bright green islands adorned with tropical foliage. The local souk (market) is filled with the exotic scents of spices and perfumes. Handmade baskets are piled high in the market, alongside handmade scarves. The bazaar in Aswan is especially large, and continues past the Fair Gardens, the Nubian Museum and down to the cemetery.

Sound and Light ShowIsis Temple

One of the temples saved from submersion in Lake Nasser was the beautiful Temple of Isis. Ancient Egyptians believed Isis to be the goddess of fertility and motherhood, having great magical skills. She was represented as having a human form, though with the horns of a cow in place of ears. It was believed that the temple sanctuary, the Holy of Holies, was the source from where the waters of life originated.

Agha Khan MausoleumAgha Khan Mausoleum

The late leader of the Ismailis, Aga Khan III chose to be buried here in this simple yet beautiful mausoleum.
The mausoleum has an excellent view, including Aga Khan's white villa below, and is near the Monastery of St. Simeon on the west bank of Aswan. It was built in a very elegant manner by using pink granite. The interior of the mausoleum is given ethnic contrast combination of light colors, floored with red carpets and immaculately maintained. The Mausoleum is currently closed.



The Cultural Center

For those interested in experiencing local culture, the Cultural Center, just off the main thoroughfare in Aswan, houses colorful Nubian shows. Every night, Nubian dancers and musicians in their native costumes recreate scenes from village life and perform the famous Nubian mock stick-fight dances.

Sehel IslandIslands of the Nile

For a delightful excursion, visitors go by sailboat to small granite islands of the Nile, including the Elephantine and Kitchener (or Botanical) islands.



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