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Islamic Art Museum

Islamic Art museumThe Islamic civilization produced great philosophers, scientists and military leaders. The Museum of Islamic History serves to educate the public about the history of the Islamic civilization. Its exhibits include arts and crafts from all parts of the Moslem world, representing the entire range of Islamic art. There are tapestries, ceramics and manuscripts rescued from mosques. Here you can learn about the religion of Islam and the life of the prophet Mohammad.

The Museum of Islamic Art, in Cairo, Egypt, is considered one of the greatest in the world, with its exceptional collection of rare woodwork and plaster artifacts, as well as metal, ceramic, glass, crystal, and textile objects of all periods, from all over the Islamic world.
In recent years, the museum has displayed about 2,500 artifacts in 25 galleries, but it houses more than 102,000 objects, with the remainder in storage. The collection includes rare manuscripts of the Qur'an, with some calligraphy written in silver ink, on pages with elaborate borders.
The Museum has conducted archaeological excavations in the Fustat area and has organized a number of national and international exhibitions. The museum had been closed for renovations since 2003, and it was re-opened in August 2010, after 8 years.  The restoration cost nearly US$10 million



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