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Kharga Oasis

Kharga Oasis is indeed one of the most wonderful places in Egypt as well as in the world. In Kharga Oasis, tourists can enjoy the breathtaking view of nature especially during sunset.

Hibis Temple - Kharga OasisEl-Kharga Oasis is around 550 Km away from the Egyptian capital city of Cairo. The major attractions of this place include numerous monuments, the most important of which is the temple of Hebes. It is located around 3 Km north of the Oasis. The temple was devoted to the Triad of Amon, Mut, Thebes and Khonso of the 26th Dynasty.

Besides this, El-Zayan Temple is considered as another interesting site to visit in this area. It probably dates back to the Ptolemaic era and was meant for the cult of Amon-Ra, the God of El-Kharga at the time.

El Bagawat cemeteryMoreover, the El-Bagawat cemetery is also another attraction of the place. On some of the walls of this cemetery, there are colorful paintings, representing some religious figures including the Adam and Eve, Exodus and Prophets, the Virgin Mary, Angels and Jesus.

Presently, Kharga Oasis has acquired international fame for the huge number of pigeon-houses, farms, fields, palm-trees, wells and traditional handicrafts, springs and honey-colored hilly lands. Here, the tourists can also enjoy camel riding.



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